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Neelami - 234. Allcargo Logistics Ltd / Transindia Logistic Park Pvt. Ltd (34) (NS, Mumbai)

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 Terms & Conditions
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Neelami - 235. CWC Logistic Park (21) (NS, Mumbai)

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 Terms & Conditions
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18th December 2014

Auction Result-Neelami-226/Allcargo Logistics Ltd/Transindia Logistic Park Pvt.Ltd(226)Lot No.AGL-01/14-15J,04/14-15J,63&49 has been accepted on STC Basis.All other remaining lots have been Rejected.


12th December 2014

Auction Result- Neelami- 228 / CWC Logistic Park (20) (NS, Mumbai) Lot No- HTPL- 204 & 205 are accepted on STC basis. All other remaining lots have been rejected.


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